Never stop improving yourself


Today I’d like to share my system of ensuring that I’m actively working on improving my actions for the benefit of my overall well being. I’m one of the few that still likes to carry a planner in my purse, despite all sorts of calendar systems being offered on computers & phones these days. These are pictures of my planner.

I created a list of behaviors that I believe bring me a sense of accomplishment & happiness, or that are known to be “healthy” habits. I started off the year with the intention of completing 2 of these behaviors each day. To track my progress, I simply leave an abbreviation of the behaviors completed in the box for that particular day. When I got to the point where 2 a day was too easy to accomplish, I bumped it up to 3.

It may seem silly or too easy to some, but you’d be surprised how difficult it can be to accomplish this EVERY day. There are absolutely days when I can accomplish 4 or 5 behaviors easily; there are also days when I struggle to ensure that I do just 1.

I love this system because it forces me to be aware of my actions. I notice immediately if I’m getting lazy or becoming unmotivated, which can be warning signs of my depression reemerging. Keeping track like this also enhances the feeling of accomplishment. It truly does feel great to be able to flip through the entire year, see my progress & know that I’m doing what I can to improve myself. Each one is like a positive affirmation. I invite you to create your own list of healthy behaviors and start tracking your progress! I hope it brings you joy as well.


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