Today I Choose Peace

It’s the simplest, yet the most influential statement I’ve come across. I choose my reactions to the obstacles life throws my way. So, why get angry over situations I have no control over? Every person who cuts me off while driving doesn’t have to be a colorful, explicit word. For all I know they could be having a Murphy’s Law kind of day, or just received distressing news. I know I’ve been in that position before and probably made a mistake or two myself when I was in that state of mind. Instead of resorting to anger, I’d rather slow my own pace down a bit and let them pass me by. How much will that really set my day back? Not at all. Yet if I continually react with compassion and kindness in those situations, how many negative vibes will I ultimately be saving myself from? Tons. So, I choose peace. I choose to understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. I choose to venture out into my days with an open heart and curiosity for what’s to come. I choose to smile & let it be. It won’t change the whole world, but it’s changing mine.


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