My Study Zone

My fiance and I are 2 months away from tying the knot. With that comes an array of changes, such as moving out of my parent’s house for the first time in my life. At 25 years old that may no longer seem like a huge deal, but it still comes with plenty of stress. Drew and I spent months bouncing back and forth between what living arrangements we wanted to settle on. I advocated for our independence, seeing an apartment as the most ideal setting for us to start our lives together. He on the other hand, didn’t see the logic in wasting our hard earned money on rent every month when we could continue living with our parents and saving for our own house. While he made a great point, I refused to continue the back and forth pattern that we’d maintained in our relationship once married. Every Friday I’d pack a bag of my essentials and head to his parent’s house for the weekend. Every Sunday I’d have to pack it all up again to move back into my parent’s house. Finally, every Wednesday after work, we’d have a date night. It was exhausting! Being away from my husband, for even a single night, was not an option for me; We would both have to move in with one set of parents. The primary issue with this plan was space. At each of our parent’s homes we were limited to a single bedroom, and we’d have to fit the contents of both our current bedrooms into it.

Luckily, my fiance is quite the handyman. He was willing to work with me to come up with a solution to our space problem. I spent hours on Pinterest looking up space saving ideas and mostly watched and delegated as my fiance turned my visions into reality. He started with my “Study Zone,” as I’d definitely be needing a comfortable space to complete my work once I start grad school in the Fall. The desk that we had, provided minimal storage space and was too bulky. We decided a fold down desk (from Ikea) attached to the wall would allow us to move more comfortably through the narrow space on my side of the bed. However, it was rather plain looking on it’s own and still provided little storage space. So, we created a command center on the wall above the desk to make it more visibly appealing, as well as corner shelves for storage space.

Foldable Desk DSC_0020 DSC_0024DIY Desk and ShelvesAlong with building the shelves and putting up the desk for this project, my fiance built the pin board above the desk + the mason jar pen holders, and spray painted the magazine rack + some of the decorative boxes on the shelves to match. Like I said, quite the handyman! It took us roughly 2 weeks to complete everything. I’m so thrilled with the outcome of this project. Next time, I’ll share the vanity wall & bed frame that he made!!


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