Time Well Spent

When practicing meditation, you are training to be complete; to get the full benefit of what the Buddha had to teach. It’s not just a matter of sitting with your eyes closed – you are striving to do everything skillfully & maintain that level of skillfulness. As you practice, look at everything as an opportunity for training the mind. The chores that you have to complete on a regular basis should boost good qualities such as determination, endurance, etc. Set goals & ensure that you honor them. Likewise, your speech should promote awareness. Practice eliminating anything that isn’t necessary from your speech. If you can’t control your mouth, how are you going to control your mind? When training the mind, direct your thoughts to worthwhile things & evaluate them in order to abandon unskillful qualities. All good things that the mind can accomplish rely on your ability to keep the mind coming back to what you want to focus on, despite the distractions that will arise. Strive for continuous attention; keep the breath and skillful qualities in mind. Time well spent is accomplished by spending each individual moment wisely & skillfully.


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