Week 1:

My first week of grad school is coming to an end! I’m poor now thanks to tuition & the books I had to buy, but oh am I excited to finish reading them all! Some of the books that have intrigued me the most include: Quiet by Susan Cain, The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield and Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow. Only two chapters in to each, I can already tell that I will be inspired. I’m also looking forward to a project I’ll have to complete for my multicultural class in which I’ll be interviewing someone with a different ethnic background than my own in order to gain a thorough understanding of their values, culture, religious beliefs, experiences, etc. This gives me an opportunity to make friends with one of the many international students on campus with wonderful accents & (I’d imagine) adventurous backgrounds. Also, we’ve already started a few classes with some form of meditation, which I think is an absolutely fabulous idea! I love that I’m genuinely interested in my classes & inspired by the professors which will be my mentors for the next few years. I have no doubt that I’ve chosen the right program. & so begins my journey to the MFT!


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