I’m An Introvert Married To An Extrovert

Introvert vs. ExtrovertDrew is my best friend, husband & biggest pain-in-the-ass. He challenges me everyday with his endless stream of energy, but in ways that I often end up enjoying. It starts from the moment we wake up in the mornings. He loves to pop right out of bed & get his day started. He’ll typically make us breakfast while chatting up a storm with his mom in the kitchen. I, on the other hand, prefer some time to wake up slowly & fully collect my thoughts/plans before even thinking about leaving the bed. Immediately after breakfast he’s off to the gym, often tossing me a comment about how he hopes to see me there as well. Typically, I’ll grudgingly appease him and get ready to go myself – even though I’d much rather spend my morning meditating, reading for class, reading the news, etc. During the day we often do our own thing. He’ll head to work or run some errands and I’ll spend my time immersed in my studies or cleaning. Evenings are a whole other challenge. If we get an invitation to hang out with friends, he usually wants to go. His idea of unwinding is a few rounds of drinks, a couple of rounds of darts, and tons of socializing about anything & everything. My idea of a great night is very simplistic: a good show on Netflix, a delicious snack, a glass of wine & him. So perhaps you can see how finding a middle ground to satisfy both our interests can often be difficult. I can’t tell you how many times in the last 5 years he’s had to practically drag me out of the house or I’ve had to put my foot down and say I’ve done enough socializing this week, thank you. Yet there have also been so many newfound interests that both he and I have discovered together. He can rarely sit still long enough to get through a book on his own, but he enjoys sitting outside and listening to me read a book and I enjoy sharing one of my favorite pastimes with him. Likewise, I wasn’t very interested in sports prior to being with him, but I enjoy Sunday football BBQs with close friends or tailgating in San Diego when our Ravens play at the Chargers stadium, and he gets so excited about having me by his side for these events. Most importantly, we allow each other to be who we are and love each other despite our differences. He’s just about mastered the art of knowing when I just need to be left alone & I’m becoming more comfortable with encouraging him to go out with friends on his own. These lessons have significantly strengthened our bond. I’m an introvert, happily married to an extrovert.


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