Grad Life

Grad School HumorThis week marks the halfway point of my first semester in grad school. I’ve had wonderful ideas of all the things I wanted to share on my blog about my experience along the way, but the reality is I simply haven’t had time. My days consist of chapter after chapter of reading; it truly never ends. Reflection papers to ensure I’m applying the material, research for an analytical paper, multicultural immersion, practicing clinical skills and volunteer/practicum exploration. Not to mention the activities having nothing to do with school that also keep me busy: the gym, a husband, sleep and some semblance of a social life. Although the latter is quickly starting to fade, because I can no longer hold a conversation without referring to theories and concepts that we’re reviewing in my classes. All in all, I suppose you can say it’s going splendidly. Luckily, I happen to love the field I’m in. All the work that comes with this journey provides a stimulation that I didn’t even realize I had been craving. Furthering your knowledge of something you thoroughly enjoy is a beautiful thing.


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