On Not Identifying With Emotions

Beautiful DisasterPlease forgive my previous post, which was packed with the hopelessness of my depressive state. Some days are particularly hard and it becomes difficult to remember that the emotions arising within me don’t define me. In fact, most of the time they aren’t even true. Yes, I have been feeling down more than usual lately, but it’s only partially due to my depressive tendencies and mostly due to outright laziness. I stopped doing the things that I know keep me mentally healthy. In turn, that opened the gates for negativity to come flooding into my body/mind and gave the depressive tendencies room to flourish. My husband helped me realize that I was clinging to these negative emotions and not doing anything to remedy the issue. The mind can be a tricky SOB, fabricating stories that we have a habit of believing if they remain unexamined. A few days of meditation to strengthen mindfulness of thought and recommitting to the gym have done me well! I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my issues. They haven’t disappeared completely, but I’m now in a position to analyze them with a clear head and disentangle myself from them. I am not depressed, I have a tendency to slip into habits of depression. The variation between the two makes all the difference. Here’s to not identifying with your emotions! Each of us has the power to determine what states deserve our attention and will have power over us.


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