When Meditation Meets Creativity

& If All I Can Give is Compassion, Then I’ll Sit Here and Give Every Breath.

Every night my light will shine, through the windows of my heart. I will bow my head in silence and respect the nature of the art.

May heaves of loving kindness travel straight through my soles planted, to the destitute knees of the woeful souls who’ve been slanted.

f10f779539d7af2b2b4daf044f638785May it wrap up all guilt, resentments, shame in the warm embrace of our connectedness, all humans the same.

May it find its way through darkness, from afar and back to me. For there are as many breaths as we need to all be compassionate beings.

-Crystal Venegas

As I was meditating this evening, playing with mantras and inspiring messages, my mind fell upon the first line of this poem. I enjoyed it so much, I let the idea run free. That line took me through a beautiful little journey from the comfort of my own yoga mat. My compassion has traveled a long way this evening, I encourage you to let yours run wild too! 😉


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