Treating the Diseases of the Mind

4aab39d815bf906210f56c7e16a8af3eThe Buddha is like a doctor; the Dharma is like medicine. Not modern day doctors, but the olden day ones that used to give you a list of herbs that you’d then have to go find to heal yourself. It required one to be observant and aware of their issues, then actively work toward recovery. We must be aware of our breath & work with it to reach desired outcomes. When feeling discouraged, look to the Dharma, lean on the Sangha. The purpose of this contemplation is to get you back to home base, the breath. We must learn to be self observant.  When greed or lust arise, we first have to pinpoint where it’s coming from to determine how to deal with it. This course of medicine involves your participation as well as the doctor’s. The Dharma is meant to be put into practice. You reach the benefits when you see it through.


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