Yoga, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Seminar


I just got back from my 2nd day of Mary NurrieStearn’s seminar for Mental Health professionals, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read her book, Yoga for Emotional Trauma, over my winter break and loved it, so I was very excited to learn from her directly. I will absolutely be applying techniques that I learned there to my own sessions with clients, just as soon as I get some! Mary was such a delightful speaker and managed to get a room full of adults to not only do some light yoga and mindfulness exercises, but also sing, dance and confess our inner demons/greatest gratitude. We spent about 16 hours over the course of 2 days in the same room, but Mary kept us alive and stimulated the entire time. This seminar reinforced my immense love for the field of Psychology and the beauty that mindfulness and yoga can bring to it. I simply cannot satiate my hunger for more knowledge in this area! I am so very thankful to have found my passion ❤


When Meditation Meets Creativity

& If All I Can Give is Compassion, Then I’ll Sit Here and Give Every Breath.

Every night my light will shine, through the windows of my heart. I will bow my head in silence and respect the nature of the art.

May heaves of loving kindness travel straight through my soles planted, to the destitute knees of the woeful souls who’ve been slanted.

f10f779539d7af2b2b4daf044f638785May it wrap up all guilt, resentments, shame in the warm embrace of our connectedness, all humans the same.

May it find its way through darkness, from afar and back to me. For there are as many breaths as we need to all be compassionate beings.

-Crystal Venegas

As I was meditating this evening, playing with mantras and inspiring messages, my mind fell upon the first line of this poem. I enjoyed it so much, I let the idea run free. That line took me through a beautiful little journey from the comfort of my own yoga mat. My compassion has traveled a long way this evening, I encourage you to let yours run wild too! 😉

Today I Choose Peace

It’s the simplest, yet the most influential statement I’ve come across. I choose my reactions to the obstacles life throws my way. So, why get angry over situations I have no control over? Every person who cuts me off while driving doesn’t have to be a colorful, explicit word. For all I know they could be having a Murphy’s Law kind of day, or just received distressing news. I know I’ve been in that position before and probably made a mistake or two myself when I was in that state of mind. Instead of resorting to anger, I’d rather slow my own pace down a bit and let them pass me by. How much will that really set my day back? Not at all. Yet if I continually react with compassion and kindness in those situations, how many negative vibes will I ultimately be saving myself from? Tons. So, I choose peace. I choose to understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. I choose to venture out into my days with an open heart and curiosity for what’s to come. I choose to smile & let it be. It won’t change the whole world, but it’s changing mine.