Daruma Series Photography

During my first semester of grad school, the chair of the Psychology department gave each member of the new cohort a Daruma doll. Daruma-san’s single eye represents a goal that you are working towards accomplishing. He provides you with good luck and perseverance as you work toward the goal, and once it is accomplished you are supposed to thank him by drawing on his second eye. A new semester begins tomorrow, and I thought I’d enjoy the last of my free time by taking Daruma-san on an adventurous backyard photography session. I’m very much enjoying the results. With a little warrior like him watching over me, I know I’ll have another successful semester!


Chasers of the Light


Let me start off by saying that Tyler Knott Gregson is my absolute favorite artist, so this post will be dripping with bias. I’ve been following his work for at least 7 years now. Keeping up with his daily haikus and stunning photography brings me such joy. Plus, he’s constantly representing charities for incredibly amazing causes, and he’s a Buddhist AND he’s pretty damn gorgeous. Seriously, if I wasn’t already married I’d be moving to Montana to try to meet this man!

On Sunday I went to a Secret Santa gift exchange and was overjoyed to discover that my gift was his 1st book. I read it from cover to cover that same night. Then the next day I reread it, adding post it notes along the way describing all the marvelous emotions that arose with each page. Tyler perfectly described feelings that I’ve never been able to put into words. While reading I smiled a whole lot, and my husband can attest I even cried a little. Within the pages of one book there was hope, resilience, strength, wonder, appreciation, adventure, compassion, wisdom, lust, and life. He made me feel significant in the infinite. I highly recommend the book, or following his instagram page. Finally, I’d like to share one of my favorite poems from this book:

I will love. More. So much love that no one will have any idea what to do with me. They will watch with a confused look and wonder why I give so much and do not ask for more in return. I will give it because giving is getting and there is nothing quite so important as emptying your heart every single day and leaving nothing undone, no declarations of it unsaid.

I will not only stop and smell the flowers, I will plant them myself and watch them grow old with me. I will pull over and dance in every single rainfall, and I will make snow angels even when there is hardly any snow left for the wings.

I will never, ever believe in the words “too late” because it is never too late to be exactly who you wish, do exactly what you should , say exactly what needs to be heard, and live the exact life you should be living.

Meet Pooh Bear

Pooh BearShe’s one of 4 Yorkshires in my family, and my personal favorite. She’s wise beyond her 4 years & has such a sweet, gentle soul. If someone in the household is sick or sad she’ll sense it, & you’ll often find her right by their side providing comfort. She has an insatiable desire to play & wears out her 3 siblings + all 4 of her humans on a daily basis. Finally, she takes moments, like the one captured here, to stop & breathe – enjoy the breeze on her long, luxurious coat (which btw she won’t allow anyone to cut) – and reflect on all that the universe has provided her. I believe we can all learn a thing or two from Pooh Bear ❤