Phases of Life.

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I apologize for my lengthy disappearance. My soul’s been sliding down the curves of a rainbow, unsure of what color suits it best. Between school, work, marriage and my newest endeavor, purchasing a home, I’m all over the spectrum. All I can do is embrace the ride & hope that each new phase of this chaotic life will be just as beautiful as the last.


A Heart Bigger Than the World

I love to start my mornings with a dhamma talk. Particularly, with a dhamma talk by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. He’s incredibly inspirational & has helped me tremendously in finding my own middle ground. He has hundreds of short (5min) or semi-long (10-20min) talks, as well as tons of other useful sources for Buddhism and meditation. Every now and then I’ll post notes on his talks that touched me, such as this one:

To develop a heart bigger than the world, start with thoughts of good will. You can’t force anyone to act happy, but you can wish it upon them. When you go into the world with that frame of mind, you will never have the scars of bad intention. Look at your thoughts, your words and your deeds; make sure that they’re in good example. The Buddha saw that there is a good and a bad side to everything, but he also saw that the mind can be trained to be unaffected by that. Focus on the good side & model yourself after it. Know that the bad side is there, but choose not to turn to it for nourishment.

Monday Motivation


I am endlessly grateful for the time that I’ve been given to thoroughly enjoy my blessings in this time of transition. School starts in one month and I’m getting married in less than 2 months. I was worried that juggling these major life changes + full time work would be extremely stressful, but divine intervention solved that  problem for me. Now as I prepare for exciting challenges to come, I can soak up every  moment of the experience! My soul is definitely happy. Always strive to maintain an open heart and positive vibes, the universe tends to respond with that same positivity ❤